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Work Statement

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1. Biography

 Achieving BA of psychology and french literature in the University of Yonsei in Seoul and Msc of Digital composition and performance in the University of Edinburgh in UK, I have built up my work career as a digital media artist with a broader scope of interdisciplinary approaches of digital algorithm. By interactive digital media/ sound installation, my works give viewers experiences hidden energy circulation left behind our recognition in real-time audiovisual representation. It is to create virtual and organic construction in an ecological way between spectators and the installation works. Through this process, I bring messages involved with recognition, time physics, ecological surroundings and socio-criticism into our awareness of real-time world.
The main career experiences include [Belle Faust, sponsored by SFAC, 2023], [COVID19:co-evolution, sponsored by SFAC, 2021], [Dialogue begins:difference, sponsored by SFAC, 2020], [Aesthetica Art Prize, 100-longlisted(UK), 2020], [Kinitiras Performing Art residency(Athens), 2019], [Digital graffitti, Florida(US), 2019], [Asyaaf & Hidden artist international Festival, 2018], [Seoul modern art international Festival, 2017/2018], [Seoul New media Art international Festival, 2016]. Plus, group exhibitions and performances(composer)  in [What are the senses, South Korea, 2019], [GYLAF, South Korea, 2018], [Artwork Holiday, Paris, 2018], [Frame-reFrame, Seoul, 2018], [Modern playwriter competition, Tokyo, 2018], [Lost portraits, South Korea, 2018] and 6 solo exhibitions during the recent years are included.


2. Work statement, Intent

 Focusing on reciprocal relationship between subjects and their surroundings, this artist creates and develops interactive/ generative digital algorithmic structure, transforming environmental elements into digital data, representing indeterminate energy flow in the various platforms of sound art, audiovisual installation, performance and algorithmic composition. Each work shares temporal and spatial aspects with specific/ focused subjects or public, creating cyclic relationship between input data and output results. It is about sculpting space as ‘organic continuum’. Rather than personal narratives, most of the works move toward a direct and mechanic tool for actualizing energy flow to represent ‘life’ or ‘environment’ based on structures of ‘conditional and probabilistic selection and transformation’ of data processing with real-time transformation, changes and superposition of present and past images, memories and traces involved. Recently, under the covid19 pandemic, this artist has widened the artistic view to include microscopic biology such as nucleic sequence of virus or molecule particles, and trying to find ecological relationship between human life and microscopic species’. Specifically, in a compositional way, sound as a medium is mainly applied to represent the process of dynamic flow of energy and organic continuum while experimenting displacement of identities by digital processing structures.

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