Work Statement

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 Focusing on reciprocal relationship between subjects and their surroundings, JOO develops interactive/ generative digital algorithms, transforming environmental elements into digital data, representing indeterminate energy flow in various platforms of sound art, audiovisual installation, performance and algorithmic composition. Each work shares temporal and spatial structures with specific subjects or public, creating cyclic relationship between input data and output results. It is about sculpting space as ‘organic continuum’. Rather than personal narratives, most of his works move toward a direct and mechanic tool for actualizing energy flow to represent ‘life’ or ‘environment’ based on structures of ‘conditional and probabilistic selection and transformation’ of data processing with real-time transformation and complex changes and superposition of present and past images, memories and traces involved.


 Recently, under the covid19 pandemic, JOO has widened his artistic view to include microscopic biology such as nucleic sequence of virus or molecule particles, and trying to find any meaningful relationship between human life and microscopic species’. Specifically, in a compositional way, sound as a medium is mainly applied to represent the process of dynamic flow of energy or organic continuum while experimenting identical displacement by digital processing techniques.

# 3 types of work on exhibition (it depends on work, when necessary)

# At the beginning, the newly developed digital algorithm is named properly according to the theme of each work. The name becomes the title of each work also, and then video work and digital print work are following. The newly developed digital algorithm constitutes of the interactive installation with projection system, audio system and sensors.

- interactive work : On exhibition, it is the main work, and the spot it is installed becomes the ecological space for the digital algorithm. As the digital algorithm controls audio and visual parameters at the same time, audio system and projection system are installed with sensors to get energy from subjects in the exhibition space.

- video work : This work is made while recording the whole digital output when implementing the algorithm in different places. My digital algorithm creates different virtuality with different subjects in various surroundings. So, the prepared video work can show different aspects of energy flowing from the interactive work on exhibition.

- digital print : Digital prints are made of every slide extracted from video work. This work is implemented to reveal a certain aspect of energy flowing which human cannot perceive and recognize due to the human sensory limitation.