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Vox, the Abstract

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1. Caption :

 interactive sound installation, 10ch audio/mixed media, 2018

2. Description :

 The work applies 10ch interactive audio system. Sound goes through various levels of transformation depending on spectators’ movement and position. The transformation includes breathing sound which is based on physical modeling technique in real-time and changes from light, medium and heavy metallic sound to percussive one. 2 speakers are positioned in each corner of left and right side with sounding at low and mid-low frequency bands while 8 speakers are suspended on the ceiling with sounding at mid and high frequency bands in an interactive line with spectators.

 The generated sound symbolizes the voice of imaginary breath, language and invisible existence. The word in the title, Vox, represents the other side of the tangible territory of sound. It aims for representation of abstractive cognition through the flexibility throughout sonic structures, and tries to reveal an independent existence of colorless and formless flow, which is undermined by human cultural and decorative frames in the modern society. That is because this modern society has left soul-driven complexity behind efficiency-oriented simplicity. In opposition to the portraits of well-formed and clearly-segmented modern culture, this interactive work lets itself be provoked towards spectators while creating organic and abstractive soundscape. The reflection of abstraction must have been essential at every instance in our past and might be a driving energy for all constructions in our future.

3. Installation :

 Depending on the floor plan(dimension and structure) of exhibition venue, various installation plans can be applied for sound diffusion. The installation plan in the photo as below realizes that the designed sound exists for its own reason, not for spectator's.


 => Exhibition : 11 ~ 24 of July, 2018, Doneumun museum village G4, Seoul, South Korea

- web link (video documentation) :

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