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                                        [ : perception, the flow of presence ]

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1. Caption  :

 interactive media installation, 2ch audio/ projection, 2017

2. Description :

 This work starts from the question of how ‘presence’ can be understood. Due to the span between perception and recognition, we cannot perceive things as present. Here, I suppose that 'perception' is the pure material perception and 'recognition' is comprehension. What we recognize is just what happened in the past. During the time span between 'perception' and 'recognition', there exists only non-directional vibration of energy and color-deviation. In the interaction with spectators moving, sonic events are generated and go through audio transformation in the way that one sonic event is affected by another one, so as to explain the uncertainty of identity on basis of delay technique - comb filter.   Through this work, spectators can experience formless and vibrating energy of color and shape when they move in front of the prepared camera, and when they don't move, they can see their whole body standing just still in black and white. All this phenomenon is like formless energy of magma cooling down its temperature on earth to form itself a recognizable shape, which is same in audio processing as well. The energy that spectators can experience when they move is comparable with magma activation. Both of visual and audio events and transformation represent the theme - presence.

3. Installation  & Video work

- This work can be installed inside a gallery, or outside on the street with mapping on the wall or building. Below, suggested an example of floor plan inside a gallery


# Jul 19 ~ Aug 4, 2019, mythtakemuseum, Cheongpyeong, South Korea
- web link (exhibition video documentation) :

2) Digital Prints

# 4~ 9 of June, 2019, [Phanism], Cyartspace Gallery, Seoul, Korea
- web link (exhibition video documentation) :


# 17~ 18 of May, 2019, [Digital Graffiti 2019], Alys Beach, Florida, USA
- web link (exhibition video documentation) :

# 10 ~ 16 of Aug 2018, Atelier Gustave, Paris, france
- web link (exhibition video documentation) : 

# 15 ~ 21 of Aug 2017, Cyartspace, Seoul

# This algorithm can be applied on any subjects in the nature in addition to human beings and living organisms. So I have made video recordings while implementing the algorithm onto people, insects, flowing water, animals, and etc. in different places of Korea and Europe since 2017.

1) Video works
- web link (in Athens, 2019) :  
- web link (in Europe, 2018) : 
- web link (in Korea, 2017) :


Presence_03 (470 * 640, digital print, 2017)


Presence_12 (470 * 640, digital print, 2017)


Presence_48 (470 * 840, digital print, 2017)


Presence_64 (470 * 840, digital print, 2017)

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# Aesthetica Art Prize, 100 artist, Aesthetica Mag, UK

- web link :

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