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           scatter : Encounter

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1. Caption :

interactive digital media installation, 2 or 6ch audio/ projection, 2019

2. Description :

 The theme is originated from the question of how we should be able to recognize our presence. Although it is one of the most difficult questions throughout human history, this work tries to answer for this question by the concept of temporal superposition. 


 Many of experiences, memories and traces from the past time create specific frames to understand about the present time. Without memories from the past time, there are no clues to get an idea of where you are, what you are doing, and who you are. Besides, all the memories and traces are recognized newly and transformed whenever they are recalled in the present time. That is why our thoughts, ideas and characteristics are indeterminate, rather fluctuate like a wave with compression and rarifaction differently at every moment. So, recognition of our presence can be explained by describing that different time memories and traces are shared in the present time and space. For this goal, the work is going to show how temporal differences can be superposed with each other in various places by video documentation, interactive installation and performance.

 According to the goal, an interactive digital algorithm has been designed, which will produce the real-time combination of present and past images while capturing subjects through the prepared cameras. Those images are to be shown as transparent, so that background environments can be seen through the transparent frames, and the temporal differences are to be highlighted while blended with real-time changing environments. That is, this algorithm lets past images be slipped out from present moving image and be faced with each other at the same time. That is why this work has been titled as ‘scatter : encounter’. In this work, space is always experienced with temporal changes. Space itself stands for organic life. This is the real-time state aimed for presence of ourselves.

3. Installation & Performance/ Experimentation (field video archive)

- This work can be installaed inside a gallery, or outside on the street through mapping on the building and statues, and advanced as a performing art platform.

# Web link :  (Jul 19 ~ Aug 4, 2019, at mythtakemuseum, Cheongpyeong, South Korea)

# Web link :  
                (field video documentation on places of Athens and Rodos, 3/27 ~ 4/11, 2019)

# Web link :   (field video documentation)
  (experimentation with a dancer, Barbara bardaka, @Athens(Gr), 4/2, 2019)

(presentation + video screening + peformances, @Kinitiras Studio, Athens(Gr), 08/04, 2019 )

# Web link:  (presentation + video screening + performances, @Rodos(Gr), 13/04, 2019)

# Web link :  (pathways nearby metro station, @Seoul(Kr))

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