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Media principle  (pt1)

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1. work info  :

interactive media installation, 1ch audio/ mic/ TV & speaker, 2019

2. description  :

 Abandoned TV and 250 watt speaker are shown in the front with the inner structure parts being naked while making spectators difficult to understand their operational principle. The inner parts demonstrate their own being without any decoration. With a brand old case stripped off, each of these inner parts gets new power of energy otherwise the potential energy would not be discovered. The stripped cases of the TV and the speaker are shackles designed as representative in a specific trend or fashion in the past. Any brand new mobile devices in these days are the same, which are decorated as a trend or fashion with the potential energy of the inner parts unknown. This work tries to unleash the idea that wondrous potentials have been already hidden everywhere in our routines.
 This work has a communication route with its outer space through a prepared microphone to keep the energy circulation suspended with the level of sound pressure from outside controlling parameters for FM audio signal processing and geometric visualisation of pixels.

3. installation  

# documentation on exhibition

- Oct 8 ~ Nov 2, 2019, gallery 3ann, Seoul, the Republic of Korea

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