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1. work info  :

interactive sound installation, 6ch audio/ mic, 2019

2. description  :

 A prepared microphone listens to its surroundings, and the input sound goes through audio transformation emitting out throughout 6 audio outputs - loud speakers. The output sound is penetrated into the air as an utterance organ, while the microphone prepares itself to listen to somewhere within its limit as an auditory organ, and the digital algorithm in the computing device(laptop) is busy to operate audio transformation on the sound from microphone. This represents organic life which feeds on external sound for life.
 Granular synthesis has been applied, which is known as one of the most common used audio transformation, making a target sound split into tons of grain with the duration around a few milliseconds. The digital signal processing in this work processes the incoming sound with different audio length (15ms - 35ms) and varying onset time, manipulating pitch, volume shape(amplitude envelope) and the velocity moving across the 6 output channel, so that the resultant audio grains create various shapes with different density in the space. And by changing its original time sequence, the contextual meaning can be removed. In this way, this work creates imaginary soundscape applying incoming contextualised sound as audio materials, being inspired by ‘Reduced listening’ by Pierre Schaeffer. 

3. installation  

# documentation on exhibition

- Oct 8 ~ Nov 2, 2019, gallery 3ann, Seoul, the Republic of Korea

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