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cell arpeggiator

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1. work info  :

digital media installation, camera/ projection, 2016

2. description  :

  A camera-captured image is represented by an individual emission of digital pixel. It is similar to a way of painting ‘pointage’ by Georges Seurat, but this work makes a focus on time process going to be completed by sporadically spotted pixels. While random and rushed amplification of points would be alarming at the beginning, the energy is diminished when the amplified points complete the whole captured image at the end.
 This work describes the way how we recognise surroundings visually. Visual information cannot reach us at the same time because it runs through the air the density of which is varying overtime. It is just said that human recognition is too limited to sense the medium density in the air and light scattering. Then, if we focus on time process before the whole visual information makes the complete frame, visual molecules at their birth have potential energy to be released from structured completion. But, in general we concentrate on a regularisation of visual form. As a counterpart, this work returns its digital process to the beginning to capture another image if a visual form are regularised when each of visual molecules complete the whole image. Then, the molecules are born again with rushed potential of energy.

3. installation  

# documentation on exhibition

- Oct 8 ~ Dec 2, 2019, gallery 3ann, Seoul, the Republic of Korea ; camera installed inside the gallery

# documentation on field recording

- Web link :  (field experimentation on the street, South Korea, single channel video, 7' 16", 2016)

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