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Flux - Run (pt2)

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1. Caption  :

interactive media installation, algorithmic/ panel, 2019

2. Description  :

 The title 'Flux-Run' represents 'liquidity', 'flow', 'continuity'. This work casts a perspective of subconsciousness on this term as a shape of liquidified movement. As a diagram of mental iceberg from Freud, the shape on the screen shows our conscious part just floating on the sea of sub/uncounscious world while being affected and transformed temporally.

  On the screen, there exists an indeterminantly-varying liquid shape which is doing circular movement while paying attention to subjects. In an interactive relationship with subjects, its movement velocity varies and the traces of subjects are shed on the screen as consecutive photo images. And in the peripheral area of the liquid, real-time images of subjects are seen while being hidden by the liquid movement. In this way, the whole part of the screen becomes a window where consciousness and sub/unconsciousness coexist sharing temporal transformations with subjects. The monotone images of past traces from subjects dive into the sea of subconscious frame while being blended with each other letting the liquified digital object move and float.

  Here, the movement of subjects has an effect on the liquid object, but subjects cannot stop or control perfectly its movement which is comparable with involuntary muscle of our body. The real-time images of subjects seen on the peripheral area of liquid object are controlled and affected by energy from sub/unconscious world.

3. Installation  :

# exhibition documentation

- Jul 19 ~ Aug 4, 2019, mythtakemuseum, Cheongpyeong, South Korea

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