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the Sequence : AAGAA

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1. Caption  :

[ the Sequence : AAGAA ], sound installation, 8ch audio/ generative algorithmic, 2021

2. Description  :

‘Covid-19’, by chance it has been known worldwide since 2019.  Where it has been rooted. Still nobody knows. Just waiting for another being to lead their own life. Though they try to replicate themselves, they often fail to copy their entire being, instead, by transforming their bodies to be born as different, and successfully sustain their own being. Whether it be from genetical modification in a biology lab or ‘spill-over’, the covid-19 has come to us as the most threatening since ever.

 AAGAA is one of mysterious nucleic sequences found in SARS-CoV-2 beta virus group which is responsible for COVID-19(references:, It is said that abnormal fusion, deletion, frameshift of nucleic materials have been investigated in AAGAA like sequences. As of Jan 6 in 2021, the whole mechanism about it still has not been known to us, which represents one of their routine life cycles, and exists inside human life though it is hardly visible and discovered.

 This sound installation tries to show overturned life experiences between us (: humans) and them (: covid19). The sonic output is not tangible but forms every its own identity in the air. Recorded voice audio samples and its fractal segments to be emitted into the air by generative digital algorithm symbolize abnormality or another identity of humans dominated and controlled by invisible life cycle of virus.

 When we turn on any music with music player device, we push the button named as ‘play back’. What does this mean? ‘Play back’. The player just reads and decodes sonic information already encoded on audio medium whether it be CD, tape or mobile application. In a genetical term, this parallels with the ‘transcription’ processing during the life cycle of virus. From this view, the generative digital algorithm takes a main part to output all the segmented human life experiences, and its structure is framed within a supposed life routine of virus. In other words, abnormal identity of humans is just generated and assembled in the life activity of virus.

3. Documentation 

a. Exhibition (6th solo exhibition)

- date : Jan 12 ~ 24. 2021

- venue :  artlogicspace, Seoul, Korea

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