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Personal Info

- Name : Joo-kwan Song (a.k.a. JOO)    

- Nationality : Korean, South

- Date of Birth : 25 Nov. 1978

- Education :

  2013, Msc of Digital composition and performance in Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, UK

  2005, BA of Psychology and French Literature in Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, South

- Contacts : +82 (0)1088347308 (mobile)                         


 Born in the 25th of November in 1978, with BA of psychology and french literature in the University if Yonsei, Seoul, this artist achieved Msc of Digital composition and performance in the University of Edinburgh, UK. Until his late twenties, he had dreamed of rock/ jazz guitar player and composer, but while studying and experiencing in the boundary of digital music in UK, he changed his life career as a digital media artist with a broader scope of interdisciplinary approaches of digital algorithm.


 Interactive digital media/ sound installation is the main axis of his works, in which spectators can experience hidden energy circulation left behind our recognition in real-time audiovisual transformation processes. It is to create virtual and organic construction in the ecological way between spectators and the installation works. In this process, the artist brings philosophical messages concerned with subconscious sensibility, time physics and linguistic potentials into our recognition of ordinary world. As his artistic view deals with real-time recognition, the works range from interactive installation to live audio performances.


 The career experiences are [Interdisciplinary Art, SFAC, 2023/2021], [Interdisciplinary Art - SOUNDS ON, SFAC, 2021], [Interdisciplinary Art - REBOOT, Art Council Korea, 2021], [Aesthetica Art Prize 100 artist, Aesthetica Mag, UK, 2020], [Kinitiras Performing Art residency(Athens), 2019], [Digital graffitti, Florida(US), 2019], [Asyaaf & Hidden artist international Festival, 2018], [Seoul modern art international Festival, 2017/2018], [Seoul New media Art international Festival, 2016]. Plus, group exhibitions and performances(composer) of [What are the senses, South Korea, 2019], [GYLAF, South Korea, 2018], [Artwork Holiday, Paris, 2018], [Frame-reFrame, Seoul, 2018], [Modern playwriter competition, Tokyo, 2018], [Lost portraits, South Korea, 2018] and 6 solo exhibitions during the recent years.

Career Experiences

[ Residency & Award ]


   - 2023 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture : Interdisciplinary Art, SFAC, Seoul


  - [SUM, director:Elly Cho], awards of 'Best Sound Design' by SGAIFF, composer/ sound director, Stockholm, Sweden

  - [SUM, director:Elly Cho], awards of 'Best Dance Film' by BCIFF, composer/ sound director, Paris, France


  - Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture : SOUNDS ON, SFAC, Seoul

  - Interdisciplinary art : REBOOT, Korea Arts Council, Seoul

  - Asyaaf & Hidden artist Festival, certified by Seoul Design Foundation, Seoul


  - Aesthetica Art Prize, 100 artist (longlisted), Aesthetica Mag, UK

  - 2020 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture : Interdisciplianry Art, SFAC, Seoul


  - Kinitiras Residence, Kinitiras artistic network for Performing Arts, Athens, Greece


  - Asyaaf & Hidden artist Festival, certified by Seoul Design Foundation, Seoul


  - Cyart document Prize, Cyartspace Gallery, Seoul

[ Solo Exhibition ]


 - [COVID19:horizontal transcenders] sponsored by SFAC, Mullae Artspace, Seoul, Korea

 - [the Sequence : AAGAA], sound installation, artlogic space, Seoul, Korea


 - [Vox], interactive sound/ media installation, Gallery 3ann, Seoul, Korea

 - [Equinox], interactive sound/ media installation, Mythtakemuseum, Cheongpyeong, Korea


 - [Flux-Run], interactive media installation, Auspicious gallery, Seoul, Korea


 - [Interruption: light - perception - interruption], interactive media installation, Seojin Art Space, Seoul, Korea

 - [Presence; recognition, the flow of presence], interactive media installation, Cyart Space, Seoul, Korea

[ Group Exhibition ]


 - [COVID19:co-evolutionary hypothesis] - sponsored by Korea Arts Council, Gallery the Flux, Seoul, Korea

 - [Asyaaf & Hidden artist international Festival], Hong-Ik museum of art, Seoul, Korea


 - [Gwang-ju Media art Festival], ACC, Gwang-ju, Korea

 - [Aesthetica Art Prize], longlisted 100 artists, York gallery, UK


 - [RTA : Real-Time Art], Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, Korea

 - [the 10th Seoul Modern Art Show], AT center, Seoul, Korea

 - [Phanism], Cyartspace gallery, Seoul, Korea

 - [Digital Graffiti 2019], Alys Beach, Florida, USA


 - [Artwork Holiday], Atelier Gustave, Paris, France

 - [Asyaaf & Hidden artist international Festival], DDP, Seoul, Korea

 - [Frame, reFrame], Doneumun Museum Village G4, Seoul, Korea

 - [Lost Portraits], La Pomme Museum gallery, Cheongju, Korea


 - [Real 2 surReal], exhibition & performance, Seoul innovation park center, Seoul, Korea

 - [the 8th Seoul Modern Art Show], Hangaram gallery, Seoul, Korea

 - [Gwangju Folley], (with Archtect, Byung Soo Jo), Gwangju, Korea



 - [Le Possibilite de l'utopia], Seoul innovation part center, Seoul, Korea

 - [the 3rd Eye], Onground gallery, Seoul, Korea

 - [Aspects], WKU art-exhibition, University gallery Ivan wilson center, US

 - [the 16th Seoul International new media art festival, NeMaf], exhibition & performance, Art space-O, Seoul, Korea

 - [CICA International Music video festival], CICA museum, Kimpo, Korea


 - [Namsong media art festival], Sungnam media art center, Sungnam, Korea

[ Performance & Etc.]


 - [77 JungSeungHee, the journey and song of Dance], visual art director, National Theatre of Korea, Seoul, Korea

 - [Loaded moment, director:Lee Hyun] - sponsored by SFAC, visual art/ installation, Theater Cuum, Seoul, Korea


 - [Dialogue begins : difference] - sponsored by SFAC, Seoul, director/ producer, algorithmic hardware, live electronics, installation, Korea


 - [What are the senses, director:Kim Woojin], composition/ sound installation, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea

 - [Journey 4 Presence], interactive performance, Kinitiras Performing Art center, Athens, Greece

 - [scatter : encounter], interactive performance, Elli paraskeva Dance school, Rodos, Greece


 - [2018 GYLAF], audiovisual performance, Goyang, Korea

 - [the 8th Modern playwriter festival], music and sound design, D - chango, Tokyo, Japan

 - [Unstumm], sound and moving image, Insa gallery, Seoul, Korea


 - [Our dance, the fashion and the fever], live visual art, Gangnam Art Hall, Seoul, Korea

 - [Here it is], music and live media art, SSAC, Seoul, Korea

 - [Dancing Ball], visual art director, National Theatre of Korea, Seoul, Korea



 - [5 - rhythms], guitar improvisation and visual art, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

 - [Interactive art Festival], live media art, FTC of Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


 - [Bulgasari Project], audiovisual performance, Yogiga gallery, Seoul, Korea

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