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Electric Flux

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1. Caption :

 audiovisual performance | video installation, 2ch audio/ projection | single channel video, 06' 02", 2016

2. Description :

  This work is made for audiovisual live performance with all parameters controlled by a performer in real-time. And, for a demonstration or video installation, a time-fixed version of video clip has been created.

  This work experiments how electric signal can be drawn onto screen with sound generating. Put it differently, audio language can be just directly visual language in this work. I, as a performer, control all the parameters to create, maintain and transform electric signal with some digital processing techniques in real-time, which implements both audio mutation and visual shaping concurrently.

  Electric signal transformation is supposed to experience 3 steps – creation, transformation and extinction. It realizes one continuous flow of energy in view that how organism including human beings makes its birth at the beginning, maintains the life and faces its death at the end. This work suggests that a certain of energy flowing happens every minutes and every seconds in our life likewise every cell in our body experiences birth and death at every moment. After death, no one assures that it never begins its life again. Rather, this work implies that every moment is linked with each other, so every life resumes its own energy at any time and place through energy flow in or correspondence with the universe. In that the electric signal spark at the beginning stage implies a continuous path of contact with all energy converging into one hole at the end stage, this work reveals its philosophy of Buddhism.

  In this work, sonic representation and visualization are closely connected with each other. Both of them lend its vital energy to each other, so as to create an organic individual life. Life dosen't separate its dynamic movement and sonic expression. This oneness of energy flow is fulfilled by the algorithm of language transformation between audio signal and visual representation as explained above.

3. Performace plan :


  Floor plans for performance can be changeable depending on spatial dimension and structure. General plan is like as below, hereby the specification of projector and woofer system can be changeable into the ratio of 4 : 3, around 5000 ansi  and without woofer system.

# video clip for demonstration or installation

- single channel video, 06' 02", 2016

- web link : 

ElectricWaves_대표스틸컷_(Joo-kwan Song).png

# Exhibition/ performance documentation

- [Real 2 surReal], 4 ~ 5 of Nov, 2017, Seoul innovation Park center, Seoul

- web link : 


- [16th NeMaf], 4 ~ 12 of Aug, 2016, Artspace O, Seoul


- [GYLAF 2018], 5th of Oct, 2018, Goyang, South Korea

- web link :

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