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Dialogue Begins : difference​

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1. Caption  :

[Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture 2020 selected - interdisciplinary art], performance & exhibition, 2020

2. Description  :

 In this work, there are one performer and ‘light set’(=> ‘5 loud speakers and bulb lights’). A certain kind of vital energy is imposed on 5 incandescent lights with its own voice - sound. With the energy, the bulb lights escape from their routine role and uniformity. The new vital energy makes the light bulbs express their own existence not in the use of light for humans, but in a view of dialogue. The performer and ‘light set’ begin their dialogue with their own way of communication. To sustain the dialogue, they have to learn about unusual way of talking each other, wait for each other to express something, watch and feel it carefully. And importantly, they have to accept and understand differences between each other. By accepting or maintaining the differences, they can forward themselves to create their unique way of talking for dialogue. 

 To communicate with others, we need to learn each other’s way of representation by watching and accepting every difference around. In this project, ‘light set’ can represent itself by the different levels of electric voltage which applies to lights and sound simultaneously, and the performer by gestural activities. Those of the two have to create objective way of talking and expressing oneself based on each own indigenous conditions - electric voltage and gestural movement. This is a performing experiment about whether coexistence can be achieved or not, through watching and learning each other not by judging or dominating over others in his or her own preference. 


# Sound design (real-time audio synthesis, Max/MSP software)


: Focused on the expansion of expressive spectrum by matching sound design onto brightness levels of the bulbs, I developed sound in the audio processing with one principle for organisms to make sound. Organisms have their own resonant body to cancel out or fortify some certain frequency parts of their own generated sound, which can be analogous with subtractive audio synthesis. Under or upper the targeted frequency bands, some noises are to be allowed in adaptation with bandpass filter, various attack time on amplitude envelopes and duration. All of these are made in real-time playing by MIDI-controller.


 => This project has been done by 4 artists of different genre

  : sound/digital media artist(Jookwan Song), dancer/ choreographer(Min Son), installation artist(Su-bin Lim), dramaturg(Young-hu Byun)

# Artist / role

- Song Jookwan (JOO) : director/ producer, algorithmic hardware, live electronics, installation

- Son Min : choreographer, live performance

- Lim Su-bin : installation

- Byun Young-hu : dramaturg

3. Documentation 

a. performance / exhibition / talk

- date : Oct 16 ~ 17, 2020

pic_09(공연촬영기록01, 2020)_lo.jpg

(live documentation on oct 16th)

(live documentation on oct 17th)

b. archives - preparation process

(published on '')

pic_01(프로젝트 진행과정 기록 01, 2

- venue : Haenghwatang, Seoul

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