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work portfolio



COVID19 : co-evolutionary hypothesis
:algorithmic, generative sound / kinetic art installation, 33ch audio, raspberry pi, esp32, motor, 2021​

the Sequence : AAGAA
:generative sound installation, 8ch audio/ algorithmic, 2021​

:interactive sound installation,
 6ch audio/ mic, 2019

Media principle (pt1)
:interactive media installation,
 1ch audio/ mic/ TV & speaker, 2019

:interactive media installation,
 2 or 6 ch audio/ projection, 2019

:interactive sound installation,
 8ch audio/ mic, 2019

:interactive media installation,
 2ch audio/ projection, 2017

Flux - Run pt2
:interactive media installation,
 4ch audio/ projection, 2019

Vox, the Abstract
:interactive sound installation,
 10ch audio/ mixed media, 2018

Cell arpeggiator
:digital media installation,
 camera/ projection, 2016

Performance & exhibition

Belle Faust
:algorithmic hardware, generative / sound / digital media installation / dance performance, live electronics, 2023

Dialogue Begins : difference
:algorithmic hardware, sound+light installation, live electronics, 2020

Electric Flux (doc+video link)
:audiovisual performance/ video,
 2ch audio/projection, 2016 ~

HM^2 (video link)
:theatre music+sound design, 
 live electronics, Tokyo, 2018

5 - Rhythms (video link)
:guitar impr./visual art, Seoul,

Proto - shaded (video link)
:sound design + media art, Seoul,
 2015 (x Hongsil-Oh)


Sum (Island)
:screen music, stereo/44.1khz, 2022

Chased & Faced

:instrumental, stereo/44.1khz, 2020

The senses : pt3​

:soundtrack, stereo/48khz, 2019

The senses : pt4

:experimental, stereo/48khz, 2019

Theatre Image : the War

:soundtrack, stereo/44.1khz, 2017

Impulse to the otherside

:experimental, stereo/44.1khz,


Algave vibe

:lounge jazz, stereo/44.1khz,


Marrakech, mirage

:experimental, stereo/44.1khz,


Dyna - vox

:algorithmic, stereo/44.1khz,



:fusion jazz, stereo/44.1khz, 2013

Dreamy creamy

:lounge jazz, stereo/44.1khz,


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