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(selected, order by works)

# 1

(experimentation with performer, Barbara bardaka, Athens, Greece, 2019)

- still images

- Title : [scatter : encounter]

- Description 

: This performance quests for presence through the concept of 'temporal superposition'. It originates from the idea that our presence can be explained by interrelated flow of energy between static images of past frame and dynamic movement of present timeline. According to this, the interactive alogorithm [scatter : encounter] has been designed to let past time images be slipped away from present movement in real-time, and the interacitve sound generation of percussive sound and visual effect of image frames are designed in an interactive way according to performer's movement.

(live performance, Elli paraskeva Dance school, Rodos, Greece, 2019)

# 2

- Title : [Electric Flux]

- Description

: This work is an real-time algorithm for audiovisual performance. The initital electric spark is going to be transformed into different levels of energy while performer manipulating all the audio parameters thrugh MIDI-controller. The whole structure where the digitally-ignited audio signal will have been experimented stands for the organic universe of 'Birth - Morph - Distinction'. The audio signal is transformed into visualozation through the way of Lissajous figure. This work doesn't separate visualization with audio signal, but creates the whole energy of audiovisual shaping in real-time. 

 This work can be featured as video installation, audiovisual performance and collaboration with contemporary dancers.

# web : ([GYLAF 2018] performance, Ilsan Lake, 2018)

# web : (video documentation, 2ch audio/projection, 2016)

- still images

([real2surReal] exhibition/ performance, Seoul innovation park center, Seoul, 2017)

- Title : [HM^2]

- Description

: From the classic 'Hamlet', dramatized with contemporary disciplines - humanities, politics and psychology, this play reveals the emptiness of human history while letting both ends of birth and death meet. With the structure of 3 acts, this work has been created while the members were improvising until D-day, directed by Younghu Byeon.

 I participated as composer and live sound engineer, and composed 3 different scores at each of 3 acts. The sound material was sampled with found objects - saw, screw driver, whistle, wood, metal plate and etc. and I tried to reveal the hidden potentials from the intrinsic sound of those found objects through audio signal transformation.

- web :  (20/ 4 ~ 22/ 4, 2018, Tokyo, Japan)


# 3

- Title : [5-Rhythms]

- Description

: This work is improvisational on music and dance. 5 members are included in this performance, inspired by '5-rhythms' from Gabrielle Roth and 'Salpuli' from Korean traditional spitit, to produce every different senses through practices and meditation until we determined ourselves to have a performance in an improvisational way.

 In this work, my role is guitar improvisation and visual art. I used 2 guitars - steel and nylon string guitars with different playing styles and rhythms. And, for visual artwork, I developed 3D particle mechanism which shows every different veocity, density, and colorization at each moment during performance.

- web :  ([Salpuli - 5rhythms], 10/ 12, 2016, National Gukak center, Seoul, South Korea)

- still images

# 4

# 5

- web :  ([Proto-Shaded], cultural complex Emu (under construction),Sep, 2014, Seoul, South Korea)

- still images

- Title : [Proto-shaded]

- Description

: This work has a focus on real-time thematic audiovisual performance. The performer(Hong-sil, Korea) probes into herself - body and soul to slip away from the ordinary, conscious domain (left-sided projection) to the unknown, subcounscious domain (right-sided projection). Considering that we cannot control our senses at every moment even when we focus on one idea, this trial has an important role in connection with our real life.

 I made an audiovisual algorithm, one is visual transformation with camera captured movement of the performer, and the other is audio transformation with squeaking sound from doors and human screaming and giggling sound sampled from my colleague(Scuzhen, Malaysia). During the performance, I control all the audiovisual parameter in real-time to produce the improvisational flow of energy with the performer.

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