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Flux - Run (pt1)

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1. Caption :

interactive media installation, 4ch audio/ projection, 2018

2. Description :

  The work postulates one chunk of involuntary muscle to represent an existence of subcontious energy flow. It is shown as if breathing like one of our organisms, heart. It reacts to spectators' movement but has its own energy to lead its life on. Images captured from the prepared camera are to be shown in two areas, inside the involuntary muscle and outside it. Only inside the muscle object, spectators can experience their movement in real-time, but outside it, a few traces extracted from spectators' movement captured by the camera can be experienced in a desaturated monotone color. That is, when spectators come inside the captured area, their real-life is supposed to be experienced.

  It is implied that our life constitutes of two different areas, one is conscious world where we think that we can control our life, and the other is subconscious world which we are not likely to recognize in our conscious routines, but has its own vital energy.

  In parallel with Sigmund Freud, the world that we are aware of is not just more than the tip of a huge iceberg. It is possible that we can experience our real-life only in the world of subconscious energy, and that our conscious life is just a few traces the subconscious energy leave behind.


 This postulation is also realized in sound environment, where there are two different sound generations. One is an imitation of breathing sound, and the other is spoken language. The breathing sound symbolizes a vital energy of subconsciousness - involuntary muscle, and the other sound goes through segmentation process, so that the spoken words cannot be understood more in our conscious world when spectators move more.

3. Installation :

 Depending on dimensions and structures of installation space, different floor plans can be applied for speakers and camera.


# Exhibition video documentation

- 2 ~ 11 Feb, 2018, Auspicious Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

- web link :


# Exhibition video documentation

- 24 of July ~ 5 of Aug, 2018, DDP, Seoul, South Korea

- web link :


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