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1. Caption  :

interactive sound installation, 8ch audio/ mic, 2019

2. Description  :

 As an astronomical event, equinox is regarded as the instant of time when the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun. Through the term, equinox, I am trying to experiment on unstable equilibrium where tiny wave of energy have an effect on structural variations, and there is a borderline between two different worlds. This borderline causes all organisms to be alive on earth, which explains ecological structures around us by a continuum of energy flow. It represents the vulnerability of equinox. Like the air stream flowing from one state to another, a continuum which is ever-changing sustains our life structures. This work regards the temporal changes from differently curved factors as the basic principle for ecology on Earth, and narrows it down to interruptive events among sonic objects of different frequencies. This is what this work aims for. 


 8 installed loud speakers emit 8 different frequencies in 2 groups. The first group consists of pentatonic musical notes, the frequencies of which are matched with Korean traditional minor / major scale, while the second group being recorded from inside and outside the installation spot in real-time. The sonic objects in the first group are ready to go through frequency ramping up and down depending on spectator’s movement, creating 3 different rhythms of ‘beating frequency’ in Acoustics. And they return to their initial frequency state again while alternating between Korean traditional minor and major musical scales. In the second group, the recorded sound samples go through real-time variable sound envelope shapes. These two sonic structures represent the contrast of the two parts divided by the axis of equinox and reveal inharmonic variations between determinacy of cultural / musical structure and indeterminacy of sonic events in the nature, which leads spectators into the state of ‘Equinox’.

3. Documentation (exhibition/ video)  :

# Jul 19 ~ Aug 4, 2019, mythtakemuseum, Cheongpyeoung, South Korea

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